Adventures in Beer Making: Dunkelweizen

I had a bit of time off work this week, so I decided to brew some beer!  I settled on a summery wheat.  Hopefully it'll have all the trappings of my favorite wheats: fruity & refreshing, but with a bit of a twist - it's dunkel (dark in German)!  The dark malts promise to add a bit of cocoa character to the flavor.  The recipe comes from Charlie Papazian's The Complete Joy Of Homebrewing ("NoopleTucker Dunkel Weizen", pp. 363-4).

Over-flowing with joy...

So, I walked on down to my local homebrew supply store, Brew North, and picked up some ingredients.  (It's a really great store and you should check it out especially if you live in the East End.)

Like my recent brews, I used the (largely) hassle free brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) method.  After the mash is done, I squeeze the sweet wort out of the bag with these awesome silicon oven mitts.  It's like a big 5 lb bag of tea.

Squeezing all the sweet wort out of the spent grain.

I'm pretty excited with this batch too because I recently got a mini-fridge!  Using my temp controller, I can now set the fermentation temperature much more exactly to keep all the yeast as happy as possible.  We'll see how it turns it in about a month.

Happily bubbling away in my new mini-fridge!

Quick update: I brought this beer into work and a bunch of my co-workers and I enjoyed it over the lunch break.  It was a hit!  The consistent fermentation temperatures provided by the fridge really helped smooth out the yeast aspect of the taste and added a nice level of "polish" to the flavor profile.