Adventures in Beer Making: Dry Irish Stout

I decided to try a recipe out of a different brewing book this time.  It's a great source of brewing knowledge and all things beer, Mastering Homebrew by Randy Mosher.  The recipe, called Leprechaun's Ladder (p. 293), is basically a Guinness clone.  It's the first time I used acid malt, which adds some nice sour tang to simulate the 3% soured, barrel aged beer that Guinness adds to their own batches of stout.

It was also the first time I used my new Tallboy kettle - an awesome piece of equipment, which makes the transfer of liquids a lot easier than before.

In the end, the batch turned out quite good.  Pretty dry, with some chocolate and coffee flavors, with a hint of tang from the acid malt.  There's room for improvement, though.  Next time I want to be more on top of maintaining low temperatures, especially at the beginning of fermentation when yeast activity can be quite intense and hot, which can introduce off flavors into the brew.  I did indeed detect something off in the yeast profile, which points to problems during this phase.  Oh well, you learn and improve with every batch!

Here's a picture of the finished product:


And all the ducks in a row in my fermentation chamber (i.e. temp controlled mini fridge):


Now, what to brew next...